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From very young, we were taught to face hardship with determination, faith and hope. It is really easy to say, in reality, It is really hard to do.

Too often I come cross patients with problem for years. They first waited and wished the problem would go away itself. In most occasions it did not and became lingering all the times. They started to looking for help. They first visited their GPs, then specialists. If the problem still not come  to an end, they just have to bear the pain day after day. Then another health problem appeared, and not solved too, slowly  they became “problem collectors”. They started to lose faith in conventional medicine and looking for help out of the box. They tried all sorts of alternative medicines but the problem still does not want to end. At this point everyone would lose faith and hope, thinking this must be part of ageing.

This is the time that really need your determination and faith. Once I saw a local mechanics who suffered shoulder (rotator cuff injury) pain for a long time. After sessions of different therapies, his doctor told him he had to live with the pain. This man said to himself “there must have somebody somewhere can fix my shoulder” and he tried and tried different therapists. Soon his faith just won.

Recently I saw a young man who has low back pain and persistent unbearable ache in the hamstring a few months after surgery for ruptured disc in the lumbar spine. The pain became “worse” 1 week after the first treatment, “not much better “after the second session. At the this point, what should we do? It is really easy to give up from both parties. The patient may spend for nothing, the therapist may work for nothing.  What would you do?