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There are many types of low back pain. Differentiate them and giving the proper corresponding treatment determines the efficacy of acupuncture. I here roughly present the most common types of low back pains and some pertinent exercise to manage them.

1. You generally feels your back is tight/stiff for a long time, and when it worsens, you back become straight (loss of the normal physiological curve) and you have fear to move, Tender at the side of 3rd lumbar spine, you probably have the 3rd lumbar spine transverse process syndrome, which is a type of muscle pain. Your can stretch it by first bend over your back then twist to the opposite side by holding the opposite leg with two hand.

2. Your back pain is at the side of L4, about 10cm away from the midline and on top of iliac crest, sometimes you may feel pins/needles at the lateral region of thigh. You probably have quadrates lumborum weakness or overuse. You can strengthen it by eccentric resistance training.

3. Your pain is at the middle of low back, especially at the lumbosacroal region. Your pain is worse in the morning when you get up from the bed and feel your back is broken. You pain is slowly better after some movement. You likely have the supraspinous ligament injury. You can do bit of belly dancing to overcome it.