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Migarine affects about 15% of the population. Its management is notoriously difficult and conventional medicines have been proven not satisfactory enough to greatly improve patients’ quality of life. Traditional Chinese medicine provides a true alternative to prevent and treat Migarine effectively.

In my understanding, Migarine is not a single condition, it is a syndrome with many contributing factors. I dissect Migarine into at least three dimensions: neck/shoulder muscle fatigue syndrome, tension headache, and sinusinitis. When more than one of the three conditions is simultaneously present, Migarine ensues in the patient.

From what I have experienced in these years practices, I found that if the Migarine is due to neck/should muscle fatigue syndrome and tension headache combined, the treatment usually is very effective using muscle relaxing techniques, in most cases, one or two treatments will solve the problems. However, if there is sinusinitis present, its management will need more visits and also needs individualized herbs to combat the inflammation within the parannasal sinuses.

Since Migarine is a multi-factorial syndrome, combining treatment methods that are specific for each of these factors will show great effect, and only these combined treatments will show great effect.