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Flu starts with body ache, chilling and followed by fever. Fever is the most important physiological mechanism for the human body to kill flu virus. The treatment of flu, especially the first day of infection, is to facilitate our body to lift up temperature, which will be followed by perspiration then the body temperature goes back to normal, and flu virus is eliminated from the body. The herbs for this process are very readily available, such as fresh ginger, cinnamon powder, spring onion root, even coriander leaves.

If the elevation of  body temperature is hampered by any medicinal method, the flu will stay alive in our body, and flu symptoms will persist for a few weeks. This symptoms include hot/cold, pressive headache, congested nostrils, cough, bronchiolitis,  yellow/green phlegm, etc. Patients will seek serious medical help at this stage, especially in elders. Chinese medicine practitioners are very familiar with this condition.