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We know not everyone likes herbs or acupuncture. To suit for your need, we devise programs to help you or members of your family to prevent big health issue in the future. Each session will last about half an hour. The cost for this program will be AUD95/session.

The following are the programs we run:

1. Children Posture program to prevent neck/shoulder/low back pain and sciatica when they grow up.

In this program we assess the posture of your child(ren), from feet to head. If there is any problem we found, we will give you a report and  advice to correct the problem(s).

This program will benefit children who have flat feet, tight calf muscles and hamstring, low back pain and stiff necks and headache.

2. Hip and Knee program to prevent arthritis and related surgery

Arthritis is not the cause of pain, but the consequence of some underlying disorder around the joint.  The only approach to prevent major joint surgery is to prevent the premature degeneration of these joints.

If you are worrying about your joint health, especially if you feel stiffness around your pelvis or thigh, please don’t delay the assessment.

3. Pre-surgery rescue program

Most of the selective orthopedic surgeries can be avoided if you are willing to look into alternative remedy.  During my practice, I find in most cases, surgery is not a good choice for most people. The long-term outcome of selective orthopedic surgeries like joint replacement, discectomy and arthroscope are not satisfactory. Post-op patients are usually regretful about their early choice.

In this program we will try to find the underlying cause of the arthritis. We will let you know the alternative, if there is any, for you to avoid surgery. This program will result in three scenarios: 1. avoid the surgery totally; 2 postpone the surgery,  for example, if you have a advanced hip arthritis when you are 60 years old, it would be a good success if surgery is postponed for 10 years so you will have much lower risk to have revision; 3. bad enough – not rescuable.