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Acupuncture has been used in China for thousands year to help all Chinese and east Asians managing a variety of ailments.  It involves inserting thin needles into acupoints spread all over the body along energy channels (meridians).

The picture below demonstrates the use of acupuncture to save the life of Guo prince by Bian Que, one of the earliest Chinese medicine practitioner who died 310BC (Records of the Grand Historian). While visiting the state of Guo, he saw people mourning on the streets. He was told that the heir apparent of the lord had died.

Bian Que went to the palace to inquire about the circumstances of the death. After hearing of how the prince “died”, he concluded that the prince had not really died, but was rather in a coma-like state. He set a single acupuncture needle in the Baihu point on the head, helping the prince to regain consciousness. Herbal medicine was boiled to help the prince sit up, and after Bian Que prescribed the prince with more herbal medicine, the prince healed fully within twenty days.