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MaxFit Clinic moved to new premises

Dear Customers, please be noticed that MaxFit Massage & Acupuncture Service had moved to shop 8 from shop 4, still in the same building, Eltham Town Mall at 10-18 Arthur St, Eltham, VIC, 3095. Raymond will continue to provide the best service for all customers as...

Adolescent Acne

Acne is very annoying. It is most annoying when it appears on girls and boys's faces when their masters care about their looking the most. So it not only leaves scars on the face, it also can leave scars on these growing heart. Acne signs vary depending on the...


Migarine affects about 15% of the population. Its management is notoriously difficult and conventional medicines have been proven not satisfactory enough to greatly improve patients' quality of life. Traditional Chinese medicine provides a true alternative to prevent...

Flu, sinusitis and headache

Flu, sinusitis and headache

Flu starts with body ache, chilling and followed by fever. Fever is the most important physiological mechanism for the human body to kill flu virus. The treatment of flu, especially the first day of infection, is to facilitate our body to lift up temperature, which...

Persistent Explosive Diarhhea

Persistent Explosive Diarhhea

A middle aged lady walked in the clinic. She looked distressed and complained cramping low abdominal pain before an "explosive" diarrhea which happened more than 5 times a day. The abdominal pain reduced after bowel movement. This complaint has been there for a few...


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