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Flu, sinusitis and headache

Flu, sinusitis and headache

Flu starts with body ache, chilling and followed by fever. Fever is the most important physiological mechanism for the human body to kill flu virus. The treatment of flu, especially the first day of infection, is to facilitate our body to lift up temperature, which...

Persistent Explosive Diarhhea

Persistent Explosive Diarhhea

A middle aged lady walked in the clinic. She looked distressed and complained cramping low abdominal pain before an "explosive" diarrhea which happened more than 5 times a day. The abdominal pain reduced after bowel movement. This complaint has been there for a few...


Nose and its cavities are the first line of defense against the airborne gems/virus/dust/pollen/pollution.  If the immune system is not functioning optimally at any time, for example, when dehydrated, physically stressed, etc, the infection will begin. The symptoms...

Chronic Knee Pain

Knee pain is very common in the general population from  children to seniors. The most common knee pain is in the front of knee, worse when stepping down stairs and aches when sitting still for a while. This is caused by the mistraction of the kneecap along the...


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