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We do what we believe in

We are proud practitioners of traditional Chinese Medicine.

Before modern medicine, around 100 years ago, traditional Chinese Medicine was the only mainstream medicine looking after Chinese and other east Asians for thousand years. It is considered one of the most important force keeping the only one of four ancient civilizations alive. It came to Australia and rooted deep into the society when the first group of Chinese settled down here during the gold rush in middle of 19th century.

The strength of traditional Chinese medicine resides in the philosophy it was developed on: our current health is the result of the interaction of our body and mind to the nature and social life we have been experiencing. It is not good enough, therefore, to use medicine to modify the molecular process in our body only.

We believe in and practice preventional medicine (see the blog about the three brother’s story). For example, if you have a knee pain, is it hard to choose getting rid of the underlying problem or keeping taking Nurofen until you cannot bear it anymore?

Examples that can be treated with traditional Chinese medicine:

– arthritis
– headache, neck/shoulder/low back pain/sciatica
– common cold/cough/chest infection/sinositis
– irritable bowel syndrome and anxiety
– eczema, hay fever and asthma
– urine tract infection and kidney disorders
–Fertility and gynecological disorders
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