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Children Posture

 program to prevent neck/shoulder/low back pain and sciatica when they grow up.

Hip and Knee

 program to prevent arthritis and related surgery


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MaxFit clinic has relocated

MaxFit Massage & Acupuncture service has moved to shop 8 from shop 4, still in the Eltham Town Mall, 10-18 Arthur St, Eltham, VIC 3095. 

Raymond will continue to provide the best acupuncture and other traditional Chinese Medicine services to all customers as always. 




How I can Help

Traditional Chinese Medicine has five modalities to help patients optimize or restore health: Massage, Acupuncture, Diets, Exercise and Herbs.  Each one of them has been developed into their own speciality in western society, but as traditional practitioner, we have to master them all to maximize the benefit of each doctor-patient encounter. 

Sport Injuries

Dr Raymond Qingju Wang is specialized in diagnosis and treatment of sport injuries using traditional medicine. In most cases, Raymond can make a precise diagnosis based on  medical history taking and detailed physical examination . Treatment can be started from the first visit to achieve quick results.  Patient can save themselves from a lot of medical jungle puzzle. 

Neck and should pain

Neck and should pain are very common, affecting the majority of the adult population. In the perspective of western medicine, Its diagnosis is ambiguous, its management is disputable, and its prognosis is unsatisfactory. Raymond have developed a systematic and holistic approach to treat this ailment in 20 years practice, which has been proved  along-term success on tens of hundreds of patients.

Low back pain, hip pain and sciatica

Most, if not all, low back pain stems from a damaged or degenerated intervertebral disc. Its symptoms can be low back pain, gluteal /groin pain, tight along hamstring and calf muscles, tingling and shooting pain down to the leg(s), and so on.  The degeneration of disc starts from teenage, and become clinical significant at their twenties of age. The management of low back pain needs a holistic approach, including core muscle strengthening, low back muscle stretching,  posture and lifestyle modification. The earlier the management starts, the better the prognosis will be


Migraine affected 15% of the population.  A lot of patients rely on long term use of oral medications or even injection of  botox for its prevention and management . Raymond believes Migraine is multifactoral conditions that need to be addressed by targeting every contributing factors, including tension in the neck and shoulder, inflammation in the parannasal sinus, and tension in the temple region.    Acupuncture, if applied properly, can achieve both short-term and long-term satisfactory results. 

Traditional Chinese Medicine – the art of restoring balance of Yin and Yang


Yin and Yang are the two utmost concepts in Traditional Chinese Medicine. What is Yin, what is Yang?  Yin represents coldness, earth, moon, material body,  Yang represents warmth, sky , sun and the energy that power the physical material to function. To be simple for understanding,  Ice is Yin, but vapor is Yang, and cold water is yin-like and warm water is yang-like.  Yin and Yang must be kept in balance for health,  Excessive Yin or deficit Yang will make patients feel cold and sluggish, excessive yang or deficit Yin will make patients feel hot and irritated. When Yang leave Yin, human dies. TCM uses a variety of methods to restore balance of Yin and Yang for health. 


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Long covid

Long covid

Long covid is blamed for some symptoms after recovered from covid infection. This symptoms include headache, brain fog, fatigue etc. Based on TCM, all these symptoms are just part of wind/cold induced symptoms. The treatments are rather straightforward: expel the...

how to prevent a flu/covid

As the weather getting colder, a lot people become sick. The typical sickness in Australia is common cold (running nose, sore throat but n fever), flu or covid (high fever, sore throat, body ache, headache). Without treatments, most patients would recover fully in a...

Adolescent Acne

Acne is very annoying. It is most annoying when it appears on girls and boys's faces when their masters care about their looking the most. So it not only leaves scars on the face, it also can leave scars on these growing heart. Acne signs vary depending on the...

Frequently Asked Questions

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Is Acupuncture Painful?

Acupuncture treatments are not at all painful. Acupuncture uses hair-thin needles and patients can find themselves falling asleep through deep relaxation on the table.

Side Effects, are there any?

You may experience a little bruising at the needling site. The emotional release that can happen in acupuncture usually is a positive experience. Many people notice a marked improvement in their symptoms following acupuncture, however, some feel worse before they start feeling better. In natural medicine circles, this is sometimes referred to as a healing crisis.

What are the advantages in Acupuncture?

A drug-free way to improve health. The doctor can also immediately view a patient’s response to the treatment and adjust it if required.

Is Acupuncture Safe?

In the hands of licensed practitioners, acupuncture is safe and pain-free. It can be an effective treatment for many acute and chronic conditions. Acupuncture has been used for thousands of years.

How does Acupuncture work?

The acupuncture needle produces a small injury at the insertion point, and even though it causes little to no discomfort, it  signals  the body  to respond, and in so doing activates the body’s own self-healing mechanism

What does acupuncture treat best

Clinical studies show that acupuncture successfully treats conditions ranging from musculoskeletal problems such as back pain, neck pain, nausea, migraine headache, anxiety, depression, insomnia, and infertility.

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